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Coworking, what it is and how it works

Coworking by definition is a physical shared work space where professionals of different profiles and levels of work coexist. You can find from the entrepreneur or owner of a small business, to executives of large companies.

At this point companies realized that there are hundreds of positions that can work remotely and reduce some expenses. After the pandemic, what happened was even more impressive

With the reincorporation of activities came the need to have a space for work and negotiation. Although remote work brings great benefits, not everything can be solved remotely in the comfort of your home.

There are projects that are born only in spaces designed to create, after this need coworking spaces arose. Although coworking is far from being a regular office, this space is specially designed to share with other professionals and allow creativity to flourish.

“Creativity serves several purposes. It not only combats stagnation but facilitates growth and innovation. Here's why creativity is important in business” according Harvard Business School Online

Another way of defining coworking is that work style that allows professionals from different disciplines to share a physical or virtual workspace in order to develop their professional projects independently and promote joint projects.

As for the spaces, an office differs from coworking since the latter has less traditional spaces focused on achieving interaction between its users.

In recent years and with the appearance of the pandemic, we found ourselves in the need to suddenly evolve and update our way of working. We started with remote work.

How does a coworking work?

One of the main characteristics of coworking, in addition to its unusual design, is flexibility. Each company has its own hiring plans and workspace proposals.

The same coworking spaces can offer traditional plans and offices if you wish, however they are more focused on offering different options of workspaces and contracting plans for clients to choose from according to their needs.

Services included in a coworking

A very important characteristic of coworking spaces that are usually all-inclusive, that is, the services that you may need for your workspace are included in a single fee.

It is a great advantage that these spaces are equipped with everything you need just for you to arrive, settle in and start working. You stop worrying about equipping your office and start fully with your business plans.

  • Internet of high speed

  • Printers

  • 24/7 access

  • Free coffee and tea

  • Rest areas

  • Terraces or green areas

  • Cafeteria or canteen

  • Amenities

Coworking options available

One of the main doubts about coworking is about the spaces, although we have talked about the flexible modality, we have not gone into detail about the options. Here we mention the coworking options available:

It is very likely that it is the most flexible modality, since here you do not have a desk of your own or fixed. You can change places as many times as you consider necessary, or on a daily basis. In this modality you have contact with more people and you can interact with different colleagues.

This option is often preferred by those who work remotely or even by those who opt for the hybrid work style. It is perfect for those looking for a place to work on an occasional basis and who do not require a fixed place to perform their duties.

Shared space

Within a coworking, shared spaces are the most similar to a call center. They are characterized by being a set of desks located in a wide area. Users of these spaces can take a desk or even improvise a meeting room with several desks.

This is one of the most economical options for those who are beginning to look for a fixed place of work and who are also looking to share with other people in an environment dedicated to work.

This is a basic option, those who wish to have their own, private space, permanently or for a long period of time, are looking for a private office.

In a coworking environment, this will always be the choice for those who seek to work with more privacy but at the same time seek flexibility in hiring and plans.

In a coworking space, in addition to the work options, you also find meeting rooms, spaces for events, videoconferences, and other spaces that favor relaxation and creativity, as well as networking with other collaborators.

Coworker profile

It is defined as the person with whom you work or with whom you share a work space without being an “office” partner. However, it can also be interpreted as a member of the labor community that seeks to create connections and generate synergies to boost their professional growth.

The profiles of a coworker are diverse but there are certain common characteristics that distinguish them:

  • They seek to share their experience and knowledge. They actively contribute to a good atmosphere in the coworking space.

  • They tend to be attracted to innovation and creativity. They are not afraid of changes that are aimed at improving.

  • They are passionate, have clear objectives and are determined.

  • They have a great interest in learning and growing.



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